LoNduckieLoretta Lopez was born on a snowy December evening, so many moons ago, in the west Texas city of El Paso.  Her first memories are of a beautiful green bottle of soda, sparkling with light, and of her dog Rusty, who’s head came up to her chest.

She decided to become a writer and children’s book illustrator in the third grade, and she worked very hard in school, and got good grades, in pursuit of that goal. Upon graduating from high school, she left El Paso, and moved to Brooklyn, NY, to study fine art and illustration at Pratt Institute. After earning her BFA, she remained in New York for many years, working on being a good artist, and doing various odd jobs needed to pay rent.  She published her first children’s book as an illustrator in 1996, and her first as author/illustrator in 1997. Since then she has published a number of books as illustrator, and worked doing illustration, fine art, design, and textile design.

After 29 years in New York, Ms. Lopez has returned to her home town of El Paso, where she continues to work as an artist, illustrator, designer and part-time astrologer.